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Hospitailty-Consulting-Customer-ExperienceWe focus on the business of hospitality (not just the Hospitality business)

Now, more than ever, you need more than just good food and good service. You need exceptional service and the systems in place to make you money. Whether you are a restaurant, a hotel, a country club, catering/banquet venue or health care facility, the bottom line is this- you need to make money. And you do this be delivering a customer experience that should be the same to each and every guest!

We can help you with the Business of Hospitality. With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, we can be that extra set of eyes and ears for you. We can help get you to your next level of business and help you stay there.

Creating the “WOW” Experience – Every Time, for Every Guest!
What is the difference between a “satisfied” guest and a “loyal” guest? A lot of money! Creating a “WOW” experience for your guests should be the goal of every employee in your company. Get this started with our “Reach your PEAK” training, showing how Perception, Elevate, Attitude, Knowledge can make the difference!
Customer Service 101
Does your team remember the basics of Customer Service? And do they practice them? This is a great refresher course and we can add the Mystery Shopping Experience to give you detailed information about the way your staff treats the customer.
Corporate Behavior & Etiquette in a Digital Age
  • 300 hours of video uploaded each minute on YouTube
  • 5,800 Tweets per second
  • 2.5 Billion pieces of content shared each day on Facebook

Technology is moving so rapidly that, at times, it feels like it is outpacing us. Are you confident or are you concerned about how your employees are representing themselves and your company online?

We are now being observed all the time and our actions or behaviors can land us on page one of any of the various social media channels today. We can help protect both the personal brand of your employees and your company brand.

How we act, behave, dine, drink, dress, email, post, speak and even drive can be observed for everyone to see in a moment’s notice. And trying to sell a new client or keep a current one may come down to how you act in a social setting, in the office or even after work.

Great Service + Happy Customers = Wonderful Online Reviews!
Are you paying attention to the online reviews about your business? They usually deal with the service (or lack thereof) by most companies. How your staff treats the guests can be the difference between a fantastic review and increased business and a poor review and staff staring at each other. We will show you how to get the first and avoid the second.
How to Make Millennials Happy – Today and Beyond!
At 90 million people strong, this demographic wants the same type of experience as everyone else, but they have a secret weapon in their back pocket that can make or break your business. Find out what it is! Half day, full day or customized training.
The Vātion Group is made up of what we call our 4 Pillars:

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How do you make your business grow in an industry with so much competition? Or how do you take your business to the next level? By understanding the “Business of Hospitality” in whatever hospitality business you are in. Our consulting programs will give you cost effective strategies to help you get to the next level and help you grow your brand and your bottom line.
How do you find new customers or clients and then keep them from moving to your competition? By cultivating a culture within your company that everyone knows, understands, and implements. Training is an investment, and you not only need to train your employees, but also your customers and clients.
How do you “move the needle” from satisfied guests (or those that don’t know you at all) to loyal, raving fans? By thinking differently than your competition and being open to innovative ways of training, hiring, marketing and promoting. And then, what will come will be the…
You will have two groups of loyal and raving fans:
1. Your customers or clients who will be getting the “customer experience” and will be one of your best forms of advertising through their connections, social media, etc.

2. Your employees who will become passionate about their jobs and their customers thereby becoming loyal to the company because the company takes care of and is loyal to them.

All this leads to elevating your brand, revenues, and your bottom line.

Current Seminar Topics

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Dear Bob,


It was such a pleasure having you come and teach my staff all about customer service and hospitality.

When my staff started asking you questions, I knew they were open and receptive (can we highlight just this part of this sentence and have them click to get the entire quote?) to the things you were explaining to them.

That training was just the beginning for us, I want you come back again.  In the catering field, there are so many things that you need to know and really have an understanding about.

The feedback from my staff has been extremely positive, which is thanks to your excellent training.

The contents and standard of delivery of the training was wonderful.

In the weeks that followed our training, whenever we had an event, I could see for myself that my staff was remembering some of the things that you had taught them.  I believe my staff is now more self-confident and dedicated to their jobs.

Your knowledge and expertise is amazing, you really know what you are talking about.

“Reach Your Peak” was a success!!


Thank you again,

Sue V., CEO


Bob has provided training services for our Restaurant team multiple times over the last year. He is a great trainer with a vast knowledge base. He helped prepare our team for catering events, from basic all the way to high-end.


Bob has also helped provide guidance and insight in regard to our structure, policies, and procedures. (can we highlight just this part of this sentence and have them click to get the entire quote?)  He has been an excellent resource as a consultant. His training is informational and interactive. He really makes sure that all participants get the opportunity to learn and demonstrate the new skills that he is teaching.


He makes the connections and gets people to really understand the importance that each individual makes to the big picture.


Beth K.,

Guest Services Manager, Akron Zoological Park