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Hospitailty-Consulting-Customer-Experience1,000 Americans were surveyed and asked this question:

What’s the business damage inflicted by poor business etiquette?


50% said that rudeness from people at a company would cause them to NOT buy from that company.

By the time you finish reading this sentence, your employee could have lost or damaged an account that you worked hard to get and retain…simply because of embarrassing or impolite behavior at a business meeting or event.

How we behave, act, dine, drink, post, tweet, dress or communicate can greatly influence your brand and the brand of your company.  And in this age of ever increasing technology, we are being observed all the time.

Rely on a name you can TRUST: Bob Pacanovsky  After catering and planning over 7,000 events in Northeast Ohio over the last 10 years—we have “seen it all” and want to help your company avoid those types of situations!

Bob or sometimes still called “Robert J.”  — offers presentations that are always customized based on the needs of the event organizer and the demographics of the audience.

Current Seminar Topics

Corporate Behavior in a Digital Age: Watch your Behavior (because everyone else can too!)
Are you confident or are you concerned about how your employees are representing themselves and your company at meetings, dinners, social functions, etc.?  We can help protect both the personal brand of your employees and your company brand.

How the traits of Confidence, Class, Character & Conduct (the 4 C’s) can make you more valuable in the workforce today
How to create the 5 keys to a great first impressions in business
How to be a great host or even better guest
How to brand yourself in a positive way online
How to “Show up” at every function- even the wedding or neighborhood block party

Working with Generational Etiquette in business today
The questions are starting…How come they don’t respond back to me in a timely manner?  Did I really just get a text from a business prospect?  Why do they think I need to dress up to meet a client?  Why is there a sense of urgency to get this accomplished?   The answers… that is what this session is all about.


How to deal with the generations that are in the workplace today and the different ideas they have about Soft Skills, Manners, and Etiquette.  Each generation now has its own set of etiquette on some things, but there are still the tried and true basics that everyone should be following. Learn what all of these are and more!

Your REMARKABLE Touchpoints…creating the “Vation Effect”
A Touchpoint occurs any time a potential customer or customer comes in contact with your brand–before, during, or after a purchase.


Your “Remarkable” Touchpoints are your personal touches (or your personal brand)- occur with everyone you meet.  How you communicate, dine, drink, post, dress, talk and even drive can be broadcast instantly for everyone to see.  Don’t put your personal brand or the brand of your company at risk.

Do your touchpoints make you remarkable with everyone to whom you come in contact?  They should.  If not, your personal brand may not line up with the professional brand of your company and business could suffer.

Creating the “WOW” experience - Every time for every guest!
What is the difference between a “satisfied” guest and a “loyal” guest?  A lot of money!

Creating a “WOW” experience for your guests should be the goal of every employee in your company.  How do they do this?  That is where our “Reach your PEAK” training comes into play.

PEAK is our acronym for

These four attributes are essential for the success of your employees and helping you generate revenue and loyal guests!  We will help everyone understand the importance of these 4 letters and how it plays into a strong corporate culture for your company.  Our seminar will help you get the energy flowing and the ideas rolling in!

Leadership- Turning Doubters into Believers
No one likes to fail- in life or business.  But when you do, it is how you respond and lead that will make the difference.  Hear the story of how a young entrepreneur was forced to become a leader for his business and his family, as one business was failing and the other was just an idea in his mind. And to top it off, he made an average of .36 an hour for one whole year! Discover how he overcame a bankruptcy and a couple of other obstacles (including a physical challenge) to get a 2nd chance at success. 
The “Lost Art” of the Meal: The Secrets of Dining Etiquette
There is a difference between “eating” and “dining.” Business relationships revolve around “dining,” and Robert J. will focus on those aspects that give you and your associates the added confidence to approach any type of dining event.


We will also cover etiquette tips for networking events and cocktail receptions. You will come away knowing the difference between being a host or a guest at a function, plus understand the importance of the finer points of the dining experience when dealing with a new prospect or a top client. (This seminar can also be accompanied by a meal where each course will be explained)

Some of our wonderful clients…

  • COSE Small Business Convention
  • Catersource/Event Solutions- National Conference
  • ComDoc, Inc.
  • Apple Growth Partners, CPA
  • Bober, Markey Fedorovich, CPA
  • Ohio Society of CPA’s
  • Akron Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • The Corporate University at Kent State Stark
  • Aultman Hospital
  • Employers Health
  • Myers Industries
  • Broadvox, LLC
  • Tech Rep Marketing
  • United Way of Summit County
  • SGS Tool
  • Greater Akron Chamber
  • Emerge Counseling Services
  • University of Akron- Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life
  • Delta Sigma Pi- Collegiate chapter
  • Malone University
  • Miami Jacobs Career College
  • Ohio Restaurant Association
  • Beachwood Chamber of Commerce
  • Medina Chamber of Commerce & more
  • …. To name a few
The Vātion Group is made up of what we call our 4 Pillars:

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How can we elevate our clients from satisfied to loyal? Offering programs that will help build your brand and image of your company through Behavior and Etiquette Training and Corporate Culture Training; we have the expertise after being a part of more than 7,000 events, meetings, and receptions and have seen the poor behavior choices made by people and how these choices affect their brands.
Developing your team with the right habits and techniques that give them the added confidence and class to help outclass your competition.  And by doing this, they will be able to grow the client base because we still want to do business with people we like, trust, and respect.
How do we Wow! the customer or prospect?  By showing respect, caring, professionalism? Nothing innovative about that.  But what is innovative is how we can help train your team with ways to do it.  People want an “experience,” and we can help your team give it to them (through our seminars on branding / Etiquette or Corporate Culture)
This happens when you satisfied clients now become loyal ones.  And, they start referring more prospects to you!  This means your company has the right culture in place and your team is doing the little things when it comes to the image of your company and themselves. And with ovation and loyal customers comes a better bottom line and increased revenues!