“Bob conducted a “customer service” seminar for our entire staff that was incredible. Not only was Bob prepared by having done research on our company but he also he created a workshop that got our staff to actively participate, created hands-on activities that drove our staff to create new and exciting “touch points,” and has positioned us for great customer service and future success! ”

Jody Gildersleeve, Development Director
Great Trail Council, BSA

“Bob conducted a business etiquette seminar for our “next generation” leadership team in August. I’m a stickler on these kinds of things because your manners and social graces are often what distinguishes you in any relationship – especially in the business of professional services. None of this works unless your audience is paying attention. That’s where Bob really shines. He captured the attention of the audience and kept them interested and engaged.
In a world where manners and attention to detail are on the wane, business etiquette can make the difference. I can confidently recommend Bob Pacanovsky and The Vation Group to any company seeking an advantage in the market.

Harold Garr- Apple Growth Partners

“Thank you so much for the good information and excellent motivation you provided at your recent seminar. The information was relevant, timely, and presented in an interesting manner. Because of what you shared, each member of our team will undoubtedly work diligently to provide the highest level of client care possible.”

John Palmer, Emerge Counseling Services

“There is a definite need among our employees to become better informed on this topic. Business etiquette truly is an essential leadership skill that that differentiates us from our competition. Your presentation provided an excellent forum for us to ask questions and share opinions and suggestions. I would highly recommend you to all companies.”

Dave Choura, ComDoc

“Lack of business etiquette could potentially cost you a job, embarrass your employer, or damage your reputation. I highly recommend you to teach the necessary skills that all business professionals need today.”

Jennifer Kramer, Kent State University

“Bob’s presentation to our manager group was a valuable program. From the onset, Bob listened to the goals we were trying to achieve and formed his workshop around them. It was clear he was not only knowledgeable about the subject matter but he also did his research to bring in current statistics and technology. Our Chairman and our Chief Executive Officer joined us for different portions of the event and were both impressed with Bob’s professionalism and expertise. I surveyed our manager group after the workshop, and they all noted the value gained and suggested we host a similar program for all staff on an annual basis. Needless to say, we were very pleased with Bob’s services and plan to engage him again in the future.”

Laura Shank. – Apple Growth Partners