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VenueMost Unique venues have a few things in common- they go a great job at attracting people to visit their site as a tourist, but they also have a beautiful event space that may not be generating the revenue they would like.  If this sounds familiar, The Vātion Group can help!

Corporations, organizations and individuals are looking for different places to hold events; places that are unique.  Venues that are involved in tourism need to realize that they may not be able to survive on tourism alone; they need rental income to help cover expenses and make additional profits.

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What can The Vātion Group offer unique venues to increase bookings and sales?

  • We have extensive experience in working with all types of venues – over 30 venues in the last 10 years
  • Our owner founded an off-site catering company where we catered and helped plan over 7,000 events in all types of venues
  • We have garnered a reputation for being the “go-to” company in this industry based on our knowledge, customer service, food and marketing experience.
  • We have worked with both national & regional venues and tourist attractions including museums, historic houses/sites, banquet facilities, parks, government and office buildings.
  • We can either develop a program or review the current program to help improve site visits, sales, marketing/promotions, vendor relationships and ultimately and most importantly- revenue.
  • We can take the time consuming process of interviewing and selecting the correct vendors away from you.  We know the right things to look for and the right questions to ask.
  • Our experience in the catering and event industry will give you the assurance that we can complete tasks associated with setting up your event rental program quicker and more cost effectively- saving you time and money
  • We have experience in putting together a program that will help generate FREE money for the venues
  • We excel in Customer Service and can put together a program that will help the venues hire the right people to manage the events at their own venues and give exceptional customer service.
  • We offer venues a marketing/promotion program to increase traffic to their venues.
  • We have experience in contracts and can put together contracts that will benefit and protect the venues.
  • We can put together a bar program and train the staff to run it.  In turn, this will generate more money for the venue, as well as protect the venue.
  • If a “no alcohol” program is needed, we can to put together a program to provide additional income for the venue as well as better protect them against liability.

Ask us about our Unique Marketing program that we connect Chambers of Commerce, Visitor/Convention Bureaus with Unique venues!  It is a win/win for everyone!

The Vātion Group is made up of what we call our 4 Pillars:

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How do you increase visibility, awareness, visitors and revenue for your venue? And on a shoe-string budget? Can you survive on tourism alone? We have over 15 years experience in working with unique venues and know the tips and techniques that can get your venue the awareness, events, and revenues needed.
It starts by having the right people, training, and marketing in place. De you people know how to market, sell, and promote corporate, private, and bridal events? Do they have the right tools to cultivate prospects into clients? And are they trained on delivering a “customer experience” as beautiful as the appearance of your unique venue?
Why do people want to hold an event at your venue? Because you are unique and different from everything else in your market. What makes you unique or attractive? It’s more than your building or attraction. It’s your vendors, your customer caring team, your packages and perks that no one else has. It’s about being innovative with these and your marketing / promotional ideas that we have the experience to help you grow and retain the right people.
This comes when the once in a lifetime event at your venue turns into a magical, unforgettable experience. When this happens, your brand grows, as does your revenue. Events should be a profit center in your organization. We can help make that happen for you.