5 Tips all NFL Rookies should know before they start their NFL careers (Or principles to apply in YO

This is an article that I wrote on the eve of the NFL Draft. I believe these tips are just as important for anyone in business no matter what you do for a career. As we approach the NFL draft, and after witnessing (along with the rest of America) some of the atrocious behaviors of some veteran NFL players recently, here are 5 tips for NFL Rookies before they sign that contract with their new employers. (These same tips can be applied to anyone during their professional career.) First, congratulations to these rookies (new employees) for getting the opportunity to hopefully be drafted or signed by a team (company). I know it is their dream to have a chance to play professional football! T

The Two Fisted…Networker?

We catered a lot of cocktail receptions throughout the years. But they really aren’t cocktail receptions any longer; they are “networking receptions”. And the main goal of these events is to… you guessed it…network. But why is it then we see people networking with a drink in one hand and a plate of food in the other? Don’t get me wrong, I love it when people eat at these receptions, but that is not the main reason you are at this event. And if you have both of your hands full, how are you going to shake hands, give a business card to a prospect, or take notes? Or, you could do what a colleague did at a networking event recently with a friend of mine at an event recently. She was networking a

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