Are you getting "your Hospitality right?"

I ran across this quote from a restauranteur and it’s so true- “If you get the hospitality right, the food tastes better.” Think about how many places you have eaten where the food is “good, but maybe not great”, but the service and how they treat you and make you feel is incredible. More than likely, you are coming back. It’s doing the little things during the entire time you are at that restaurant that makes hospitality shine…and you to return. What about your business? Are you getting the hospitality right so that (fill in your product or service here) is better? My Black Tie Experience seminars and workshops help you get "your Hospitality right” by giving you proven techniques that I hav

Paying attention to all the details

Do you see anything unusual about the picture below? It’s a picture of a step, pretty ordinary, right? How about now? Yes, it’s one tiny piece of trash, but it made a big impact on me as I started in the business as a speaker and trainer. I was walking up a set of stairs at a hotel with one of the management people in their organization. We were talking about a possible training seminar for their team that I was going to lead. As we were walking, I am noticing that she is bending down and picking up little pieces of trash that were on some of the steps. I knew right away from that encounter that I wanted to work with this organization. Why? She saw the importance of the little details.

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