Are we living in the land of “Lack of” or the city of “Become More”?

At times in this day and age, I am starting to wonder. Let me explain.

Do we choose to live in the land of “Lack of”? It is an easy land to live in because everyone is very busy, and they really don’t care what you do, as long as it doesn’t affect them. At times our technology has helped create this land for us where we are more concerned about what is happening on the screens in front of us than actually carrying on a conversation with a human being, whether that is on the phone or face-to-face. The people that live in the land of “Lack of” suffer at times from any one of these challenges that are in our workforce and society today.

Here are just a few…

“Lack of Respect”- People consider the information on their screens to be more important than the personal conversation in front of you. They are lacking respect.

“Lack of Attention”- People can’t stay focused long enough to actually listen to what others are saying. They always have to be on their phones, and they miss details. You know that goldfish now have a longer span of attention than humans.

“Lack of Listening”- People don’t practice active listening. They are too consumed with the information on their screens.

“Lack of Social Awareness”- People really don’t get the fact that how they are acting, behaving and communicating really affects the other people around them.

But for those of you that live in the land of “Become More”, life is different. People practice civility, and while business is competitive, you still treat people with respect. People here understand how important technology is today in the workforce, but they also realize how important the personal relationships are in building a loyal and raving fan, or employee.