Six ways to help create loyal and raving fans

Sometimes we take our customers for granted, don’t we? We just assume that because they just bought our product or service that they will always continue to buy from us. I mean, you do have the best _____ (fill in the blank here with what your company does or offers) on the planet, right? And why would they ever consider to NOT buy from us?

There are a lot of possible answers to that question, but I think it may come down to the fact that we never really take any concrete steps to turn them from a satisfied customer to a loyal and raving fan.

Keeping a client does take work and while all of us know this, how often do we practice it? How do you make your customers feel? Are you building a loyal and raving client or it is a “1 and done” relationship?

There are many different factors that go into building loyal clients and here are just a few of them. (Our workshops and seminars on The Customer Experience go into detail on how to create this experience for your clients and not make them a “1 and done.")

#1- Make it personal- Get to know more about your client than just his or her name. What do they like to eat, drink, do, etc.? Know the birthdate and/or the anniversary of when they became a client with you and celebrate these events.

#2- Be Proactive, not reactive- I call this- “the vision.” Can you anticipate your clients’ needs before they can? Or are you always reacting to them? Remember, when you are reacting, you are typically on your heels and you are apologizing. Now, you can’t be everywhere all the time, but you can avoid challenges at times by just thinking one step ahead to potentially quiet the storm that may be looming.

#3- Ask this question- "How else can I help you today”? And it may not have anything to do with your business, but it has everything to do with theirs. Who can you connect them with to solve a problem that they may be experiencing? What you are doing is building value for you and your company. If they can think of you as an expert and someone who can help them achieve their objectives, you are making them feel better about themselves and your company at the same time.

#4- Handle last minute requests with… Professionalism. That can be challenging at times, especially when clients change their minds and orders… a lot. But all of us can pick up poor body language cues and non-verbal communication, even on the phone. Make sure your people handle these requests with a smile on their face, no matter what they may be really thinking about your customer.