Customer Service 101…is not always 101 today!

Coming out of the pandemic I had more than one colleague tell me, “Bob, it seems like people have forgotten the basics of Customer Service.” And while I understand their thoughts, it has been challenging for both organization and people to take care of the customers with so many other distractions.

However, on the opposite end…people are choosing to spend their money on a product or service, and they want to be taken care of in a timely, and friendly matter.

For this NEW seminar/workshop, I am concentrating on four concepts of what I call part of “Customer Service 101” that I believe we need to review and get back to the basics with them. Why four? To keep the seminar focused and simple. But, here is what is different (and innovative) about this seminar than any other one I have presented.

The four concepts will always change, based on the needs of an organization. Let’s face it, every organization has different challenges when it comes to Customer Service 101. What might be a really big issue for one, could be very minor for the other.

This means that YOU are in charge of these four concepts. I will work with your team before the event and create an assessment that will flush out the four concepts that your organization, your leadership, and your people want to work on. And then…we’ll get to work!

The workshop will be interactive, and it will contain fun, and meaningful exercises, small group discussions, as well 1 on 1 discussions. And it will also have “practice time”. This is where your team will get actual scenarios that are happening (or have happened) in your organization so that they can become involved in how to respond and be proactive with their answers.

At the end of the seminar, everyone will be given a 21-day journey to complete. This will be their action plan on what they will do to elevate the customer experience they offer to every customer.

If you would like to “get back to the basics” with your people, whether that is a department or two, or your entire team, and control what you want to concentrate and work on, this is the perfect seminar for you!

Bob Pacanovsky is a Keynote Speaker and Strategic Trainer who works with organizations that want to deliver the highest levels of Service Excellence and Hospitality to attract and retain more loyal clients and employees.

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