I work with organizations that want to deliver the highest levels of
Hospitality and Service Excellence so that they can attract and retain more loyal customers and employees. 

By giving them the tools to deliver a Black Tie Experience.

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Now, more than ever, we need to deliver the highest levels of customer service and leadership to attract and retain more customers and employees. 

Bob Pacanovsky has worked with companies, organizations, associations on Customer Service/Experience,

Hospitality Leadership,

Team Culture, and more.  Some of the main industries include:​​

  • Healthcare (Hospitals, Senior Care, Medical Practices)

  • Business to Business

  • Hospitality Industry

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Attractions/Museums

  • Food Service, Retail

  • Banking & Financial Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Colleges/Universities

  • Not for Profit Organizations

Are you looking for a strategy that will create both a consistent and memorable customer experience as well as increase revenue, productivity, and engagement?

Does your organization attract customers with ease, but struggle to retain them?  

Through Keynote presentations and Strategic Training workshops, Bob Pacanovsky works with companies and organizations to assist them to achieve the highest levels of Service Excellence and Hospitality to attract and retain more loyal clients and employees.  

How?  By giving them the tools to create a deliver a CONSISTENT Black Tie Experience that EXCEEDS expectations.

After 20 + years as an entrepreneur in the hospitality and service industries and doing almost every job in them, (and managing hundreds of employees), Bob is an expert on Service Excellence and Hospitality.   

Why the Black Tie?  Around the world, the Black Tie is a symbol of excellence. It indicates the highest standards of service, quality, and professionalism. While it was a part of the uniform for Bob's employees, it came to be much more than that.  It became a mindset on how to serve clients and guests and to make them FEEL like they were a part of something special.   Bob and his teams provided this Black Tie Experience for clients at more than 7,000 meetings and events, including 25 National Pro Football Hall of Fame induction parties.

Keynote Speaker and Strategic Trainer

Bob knows what it is like to walk in your shoes. All of the ideas and concepts he talks about, he has personally implemented or tried in his businesses.  He didn't learn them from a book or higher education.  And, he is not just a "concept or theory" speaker, where he tells you all about what other companies are doing.  He uses his two decades of working “in the trenches” to teach companies his experiences, as well as his successes and failure in business.  

Bob puts his focus on YOU, his customers, and creates your customized presentation. It has your language, your trends, your challenges, etc. He puts himself in your shoes and makes sure that he delivers what you need, not what he wants to speak about.



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Delivering Hospitality & Service Excellence

His most sought-after programs, these are customized to meet your needs.  They focus on how to go "above and beyond" in the areas of Customer Experience, Workplace/Team Culture and Hospitaity Leadership.

NEW! Interactive Cooking Programs-


Are you looking for something unique for yor next meeting or conference, whether it is in-person, hybrid or virtual? Would you like to have an interactive, entertaining and "tasty" program? If so, check out my NEW Food-ology Cooking Programs!

NEW- Inspirational Keynote

From Fear to Fortitude

My newest Keynote, and it's the one that I have not wanted to give...but I always knew that I had to. 

Hear the true and uplifting journey from someone who has faced one of the biggest fears and has taken the steps (and fortitude) to move forward!  

Faith Based Seminars & Workshops

Faith is an important part of my life and I have taken the messages that I deliver on my Black Tie Experience seminars and added a faith-based message to them. 

How do we serve and treat others as people of faith? Do people know you are a person of faith by your actions, thoughts and words?

What Others Have to Say About Bob

Bob Pacanovsky is a dynamic, engaging speaker. His keynote made such an impression on us that when we needed a speaker for another one of our conferences, we did not hesitate to contact him. He was able to craft his keynote to fit multiple markets and we have now used him for multiple conferences. I highly recommend Bob as a speaker and presenter to any group. 

The Group Travel

Family Conferences 

“The insights and guidance Bob provided to participants at our annual conference were highly sought and valuable. They raved about the message he provided during his keynote presentation as it invigorated them and reminded them that, ultimately, everything we do is about relationships and service to one another.

Jarrod A. Clabaugh, CAE
President & CEO

Ohio Society of Association Executives

“Your method of teaching is so much more impactful that what we've seen in the past. The feedback that we received was fantastic, and they all walked away with at least one thing they learned that they didn't know.”

Andrea Capuano
Vice President, Organizational Development,

Bob was energetic, passionate and thoughtful with his communication to our members.  They left with a renewed energy and purpose and tangible action steps to enhance our association. Feedback from our members indicated they found real value in The Black Tie Experience—it was the highest rated program in the past five years.”


Victoria Gresh, CAE

Executive Director- Ohio Physical Therapy Association

Companies Pleased to Work With Bob

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