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I work with organizations that want to deliver the highest levels of Hospitality and Service Excellence so that they can attract and retain more loyal customers and employees. 

By giving them the tools to deliver a Black Tie Experience.

Now, more than ever, we need to deliver the highest levels of customer service and leadership to attract and retain more customers and employees. 

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Are you looking for a strategy that will create a consistent and memorable customer experience and increase revenue, productivity, and engagement?

Does your organization attract customers with ease, but struggle to retain them?  

Through Keynote presentations and Strategic Training workshops,

Bob Pacanovsky works with companies and organizations to assist them in achieving the highest levels of Hospitality and Service Excellence to attract and retain more loyal clients and employees.  

How?  By giving them the tools to create and deliver a CONSISTENT 

Black Tie Experience that EXCEEDS expectations.

With close to 30 years as an entrepreneur in the hospitality and service industries, and managing many employees, Bob is an expert on how to build more loyal customers (Brand Ambassadors) for your organization.   

"Being in business for close to 30 years has taught me a lot about serving others, and taking care of customers and staff.  It has made me a person who focuses on serving others, showing hospitality, and valuing and appreciating people no matter how they treat you. I created successful companies by doing what some speakers in my industry just talk about.  You know, I made a living by delivering outstanding customer service, and the companies that I am working with now as a speaker have done very well because I have shown them ways to deliver that same experience.  

That’s why I’m so passionate when it comes to delivering that first-class (or Black Tie) customer service experience.  I have been there, as Hospitality and Service Excellence are in my genes.  I know what it’s like to make your customers feel so wonderful about their experience that they become storytellers for your brand!

Let me help you and your staff with what I believe is the “lost art” of service. I am sure that there are people in your organization who possess that passion when it comes to serving others.  If so, I hope they continue with that passion.  What I do is to help turn every member of the organization into those people. 

Think about how much loyalty, retention, and revenue your organization would generate if every person were at that level!"


Bob Pacanovsky has worked with companies, organizations, associations on Customer Service/Experience,

Hospitality Leadership,

Team Culture, and more.  Some of the main industries include:​​

  • Business to Business

  • Healthcare (Hospitals, Senior Care, Medical Practices)

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Hospitality Industry

  • Attractions/Museums

  • Food Service, Retail

  • Banking & Financial Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Colleges/Universities

  • Not for Profit Organizations

Proud to be on the cover of this national Industry publication! 
Click on the cover for the article

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Click on any of the Black Tuxedos below to discover our areas of focus: 

Delivering Hospitality & Service Excellence

His most sought-after programs, these are customized to meet your needs.  They focus on how to go "above and beyond" in the areas of Customer Experience, Workplace/Team Culture and Selfless (or Hospitality) Leadership.

NEW! Interactive Cooking Programs-


Are you looking for something unique for your next meeting or conference, whether it is in-person, hybrid or virtual? Would you like to have an interactive, entertaining and "tasty" program? If so, check out my NEW Food-ology Cooking Programs!

NEW- Inspirational Keynote

From Fear to Fortitude

My newest Keynote, and it's the one that I have not wanted to give...but I always knew that I had to. 

Hear the true and uplifting journey from someone who has faced one of the biggest fears and has taken the steps (and fortitude) to move forward!  

Faith Based Seminars & Workshops

Faith is an important part of my life and I have taken the messages that I deliver on my Black Tie Experience seminars and added a faith-based message to them. 

How do we serve and treat others as people of faith? Do people know you are a person of faith by your actions, thoughts and words?

What Others Have to Say About Bob

Our attendees loved Bob and his message! One attendee said it best: “Totally engaging - loved his entire presentation!” Additionally, he is incredibly easy to work with, timely, and very professional – a meeting planner’s dream! I would highly recommend Bob to other ASBOs across the country and any organization looking for an engaging and thought-provoking keynote speaker.


Lindsay Plath, CMP

“The insights and guidance Bob provided to participants at our annual conference were highly sought and valuable. They raved about the message he provided during his keynote presentation as it invigorated them and reminded them that, ultimately, everything we do is about relationships and service to one another.

Jarrod A. Clabaugh, CAE
President & CEO

Ohio Society of

Association Professionals

We have been a client of Bob’s for over two years and has conducted Service Excellence and Leadership training for our teams.  His personalized approach, knowledge of our industry, and training approach have benefitted our company and have helped our team perfect their skills.  He has become an integral part of the Divine Events success!

Pam Howatt
Divine Events

We crossed state, city, and county lines in Tennessee and Virginia to host Bob for a joint Hospitality Masterclass. The impact he has had is already evident, as we continually receive comments about how he has been an inspiration to look at customer service in a whole new way. We look forward to working with him in the future!” 

Alicia Phelps, Northeast TN Tourism- Executive Director

Companies Pleased to Work With Bob

Trusted by: 

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