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Bob is in the studios of the BPAA being interviewed about his Keynote Seminar-
The 5 Essential Laws of Hospitality, which he then delivered at The Summit Conference in January, 2022.
Bob's interview with Brian Seitz and David Ross of Restauranttopia-
How many people are in your Marketing/PR staff in your organization? 
The Answer?  All of them!  Find out more in this episode.
Bob stepped into the "ThinkTank" to talk with best-selling author Beth Standlee. 
Are you ready for the level of guest service that consumers will expect as the world opens?

Watch as Bob & Beth discuss how we all should be thinking about guest service.

Interview with Bob Pacanovsky- Improv is no Joke Podcast - Peter Margaritis
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Bob's national interview on 
Improv is No Joke Podcast with Peter Margaritis

Bob's national interview on the Hospitality one2one Podcast with Chris Bennis- from YourHotelRecruiter.com

Bob Pacanovsky joined “Learning from Smart People” to share his expertise on raising the bar with customer service to create a “Customer Experience.” He brought his knowledge, experience, expertise, and 3 black tuxedos.

This episode of the Amazing Cities and Towns Podcast, Jim Hunt interviews Bob Pacanovsky

  • What is a ‘Black Tie’ experience and how does it relate to cities and towns

  • The story of being involved in 25 NFL Football Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies in Canton, OH

  • And, much more

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