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Bob was a guest on the national Attraction Pros Podcast where he discussed the importance of combining Hospitality and Service Excellence to create that "rememorable" Customer or Guest Black Tie Service Experience. 
Bob is in the studios of the BPAA being interviewed about his Keynote Seminar-
The 5 Essential Laws of Hospitality, which he then delivered at The Summit Conference in January, 2022.
Bob's interview with Brian Seitz and David Ross of Restauranttopia-
How many people are in your Marketing/PR staff in your organization? 
The Answer?  All of them!  Find out more in this episode.
Bob stepped into the "ThinkTank" to talk with best-selling author Beth Standlee. 
Are you ready for the level of guest service that consumers will expect as the world opens? Watch as Bob & Beth discuss how we all should be thinking about guest service.
Bob's national interview on 
Improv is No Joke Podcast with Peter Margaritis
Interview with Bob Pacanovsky- Improv is no Joke Podcast - Peter Margaritis
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Bob's national interview on the Hospitality one2one Podcast with Chris Bennis- from

Bob Pacanovsky joined “Learning from Smart People” to share his expertise on raising the bar with customer service to create a “Customer Experience.” He brought his knowledge, experience, expertise, and 3 black tuxedos.

This episode of the Amazing Cities and Towns Podcast, Jim Hunt interviews Bob Pacanovsky

  • What is a ‘Black Tie’ experience and how does it relate to cities and towns

  • The story of being involved in 25 NFL Football Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies in Canton, OH

  • And, much more

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Bob's Recent Blogs

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