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Dining Experience


The Heart of Your Community- The Dining Table


74% of senior living communities rank dining as “very important” in terms of its level of importance in marketing their community. (SHN Industry Dining Survey)


I know you do as well.  And most importantly, I know your residents are always thinking about the dining experience they are having in your community.  The dining experience is the “Heart of your Community”… for them.  And I know this to be true, as I am a client in your industry, with three family members living in communities like yours.  And both the food and the experience are important to them.     


The question is- if your residents were asked how the food experience in your community is, what would they say?   Are your residents just “eating” or are they “dining”?  What’s the difference? 


A dining experience involves much more than just the food itself. Bob's expertise in the hospitality and dining industries is a must-have for senior living communities looking to retain and invite new residents. Bob's educational programs offer a step-by-step approach that can be implemented immediately! Whether you are assessing an existing care community's dining program or opening a new community, Bob's programs are a must-have! 

Kelsey Loushin, LICDC-CS, CDPPresident, Eldercare Professionals of Ohio, LLC

That’s why I am using my experience in customer loyalty/experience and food/beverage to offer a comprehensive training program that is easy to learn, professional to implement, and cost-effective for you. 


We work with healthcare organizations that are in the dining and hospitality business.  if you serve food, you are in the dining and hospitality business.  We know how important the dining experience is- whether they are your patient, your residents,  their family members, or your community. 





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