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The Black Tie Resident

Dining Experience


The Heart of your Community- The Dining Table


On any given day your residents spend as much as 60% of it preparing for, traveling to and from, and enjoying the meals in your communities.  The dining experience is the “Heart of your Community”… for them.


We work with healthcare organizations that are in the dining and hospitality business.  if you serve food, you are in the dining and hospitality business.  We know how important the dining experience is- whether they are your patient, your residents,  their family members, or your community. 


At the Heart of your Community, these residents are loyal customers, hopefully, because they want to be, not because they have to be.  The challenge, however, is this.  In your communities are staff who potentially are the least paid, most diverse, and inadequately trained.  On any given day your highest trained and most educated staff spend most of their time in meetings.  While your least trained staff spend most of their time in the dining room with your residents… where they spend a good amount of their day.


The residents invest each month to not only live in your communities but to receive a “dining experience”.  This should include high-quality and consistent food and service.  This experience should create a stronger sense of community among your residents, which should lead to increased resident and family satisfaction, better quality of life, and ultimately increased revenue for your organization.

We brought Bob into our Food Service Operations.  His program changed our dining experience and our food satisfaction rating increased dramatically.  Our leadership team could see that Bob’s experience in both customer service and food service operations was evident.   His “Black Tie Experience” program never wavered from always putting our residents first.”  Tammy Denton, CEO, Senior Living Community

Your residents should not be just “eating” every day, they should be “dining”.  Learn how to focus on the Heart of your Community to enhance the experiences you offer, every day.










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