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Building Revenue and Building Loyalty

For your Attraction or Unique Venue

Catch Bob's National Interview on the BPAA Profit Break Show
Watch Bob's interview below on the national Attraction Pros Podcast!
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It’s a weekday evening and your attraction/museum/sports venue is almost empty.  But, it doesn’t have to be and can come to life!

Imagine it filled with people- happy to be at your attraction, discovering interesting facts about it, enjoying the company of friends or colleagues, eating and drinking.  And the best part is you are building a nice revenue stream of non-tourism dollars as well as enhancing its brand in the business community! 

Is this just a movie plot, or can it be a reality?  It can be a reality because I believe that your attraction/museum is a unique venue.

The question is- do you consider it a “unique venue”?  Do you get requests to hold various events, banquets, or meetings there?  If the answer is “yes”, you are a unique venue!

Here is the best part… the corporate market is looking for unique venues ALL THE TIME to hold events, parties, and meetings!  Why?  Because it is different, memorable, and unique for their employees!


This is where Bob Pacanovsky comes in to help.  He is a speaker and trainer, who worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years.  And he has helped plan, create and cater over 7,000 events during this time, including many events, receptions, and meetings at over 50 unique venues!  He knows the “ins and outs” of how to create a revenue stream in this area for your industry.


Here are a handful of the concepts we’ll discuss during this seminar:

Identifying six goals that meeting planners have when working with you

Speaking the language to attract and retain more company/group events

Discovering four keys that will separate your F & B from your competition

Thinking like your competition…it’s not whom you think

Working smarter with sales prospecting, follow-ups, and closing

Building revenue and loyalty through repeat business and referrals

Tailoring your marketing efforts to this market, with success!

Utilizing open houses (and the blueprint for them)

Comments on my Revenue Building Seminar for Unique Venues -


Sometimes the best thing to do is to let our clients do the talking when it comes to recommending a speaker.  So, here is what we have heard about you and the job you do for our members…

“I attended your seminar at Bowl Expo and it was outstanding!  Thank you so much for bringing a fresh perspective to the world of Bowling.  So, I am really excited about marketing us as a Unique Venue.  Plus -- my marketing manager finally understood why I want to hold open houses!   THANK YOU!!!!!”

“I’ve been coming to this show for the last 23 years, and this was one of the best seminars I have ever been in!”

“Your seminar was one of the best I have seen and the feedback was very positive!”

“I really enjoyed your customer service seminar today!!! I’ve been to several and yours is awesome!!”

In addition, not only have you spoken at Bowl Expo in two consecutive years (with two different presentations), you have been booked to speak at 18 of our State Association Conferences in the last year.  To me, that means that your message and your stage presence resonate with our members!

Thank you!

Kelly Bednar

Director of Education, BPAA

Here are some of the clients that Bob has worked with to help their members grow their businesses

IAAPA Expo- Voted TOP Seminar for one of the Education Days

International Bowl Expo- Las Vegas- Two years

BPAA Management School

BPAA Entertainment School

Amusement 360 

The Summit Conference- Palm Springs

The Southwest Show- Dallas 

East Coast Show- Atlantic City

Plus over 20 State Bowling Proprietors' Associations

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