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Who is Bob Pacanovsky?


Bob Pacanovsky never thought he would be an entrepreneur.  But looking back, this journey started when he worked for his uncle's Italian restaurant where he learned how to take care of customers and make them loyal in an extremely competitive industry.  


Fast forward about 10 years and Bob couldn't find a quality pizza to order.  With a degree in Finance, and a background in marketing and advertising, he did the only logical thing- He called his uncle, tweaked the recipes a bit, and started making pizzas at home, ok...maybe not that logical.  The pizzas went over so well that he and his wife opened their first Italian restaurant in 1994. This started the journey that lasted close to 30 years as an entrepreneur, primarily in the hospitality industry.

Bob owned two restaurants (one that worked, and one that didn't), and it was here that he started putting his customer service ideas into place.  He quickly was able to get a loyal following of customers, some of whom would drive more than 30 minutes for the food and experience.   Then, Bob learned a valuable lesson in customer service and leadership, as the second restaurant he opened only lasted 13 months before it closed.  

While he was owning the restaurants, he discovered catering.  Not wanting to be deterred, he took his first restaurant and turned it into an off-site catering company.  This started a journey in the events and catering industry where his company grew in 15 years from a two-person operation to a company that employed over 50 people, worked at over 60 unique venues throughout Northeast Ohio, and created over 7,000 meetings, events, meetings, and receptions (including catering 25 Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Events over five years).

During this time, Bob created a comprehensive training program for all of his employees that focused on creating a WOW experience and a lasting impression.  This program concentrated on three concepts vitally important to the success of the company- a solid workplace culture, developing his people into leaders, and creating a consistent and memorable customer experience.

Bob sold his company at the end of 2014 and started his journey as a Professional Speaker.  He has achieved Professional Member status of the National Speakers Association. He has spoken throughout the United States to numerous companies, colleges, and organizations, as a Keynote Speaker, a General Session Speaker, and a breakout session speaker.  Additionally, he conducts training sessions and workshops for companies and organizations in a variety of industries.  

Bob is a graduate of The University of Akron with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. He is involved in his communities as he has been on several boards of non-profit organizations including OPEN M, a Christian Ministry that helps the working poor in the Akron area, the Alzheimer's Association, Goodwill, Jennings Senior Living, and more.  He is also the Past President of the NSA Pittsburgh Chapter (National Speakers Association.  

He is most proud of being married to his wife, Connie for 32 years, and of his son, Adam, an entrepreneur himself in Los Angeles.

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