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Keynotes & Workshops

All of our programs are customized to fit your needs.  The programs can be a Keynote to half-day & full-day trainings

Customer Experience =
Hospitality + Service Excellence

All of our programs are customized to fit your needs.  My programs can be a Keynote (45-60 minutes) to a half or full day strategic workshops.

Customer Experience =
Hospitality + Service Excellence

The question I get often asked is- "What do I speak and train on?"

I'm thinking that your organization has some people in it who deliver a consistent, and first-class (or Black Tie) Customer Service Experience. 
What I do is help turn every member of the organization into those people.

That's why I'm so passionate when it comes to delivering that first-class (or Black Tie) Customer Service Experience.  I have been in your shoes, as the traits of Hospitality and Service Excellence are in my genes. I know what it's like to make your customers feel so wonderful about their experience that they become storytellers for your brand!


If given the choice, would you rather be considered “ the best”, or the “favorite” when it comes to companies in your city, region, or state?  My choice would be “favorite” and in this seminar, I will tell you why.

What steps are you taking to have your customers and employees think of your organization as “their favorite”? It starts with implementing “The Big 4” to deliver that Black Tie (or first-class) Customer Service Experience. Bob will share these principles that he learned from being an entrepreneur for over twenty-five years on what it takes to provide both hospitality and service excellence in your organization. 

In this Keynote seminar, you will discover how to turn ordinary Customer Service transactions into Black Tie Customer Experiences!  You’ll learn why most people forget about good service, but that they always remember the hospitality that is shown to them. And when this happens you create storytellers (or Brand Ambassadors) for your organization who become loyal and engaged with your organization, which ultimately leads to increased revenue.  

The “Big 4” to creating more storytellers
for your organization!
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The 5 Essential Laws of Hospitality 

(to build Loyalty, Retention, and Revenue)

How often does your brand get talked about?  When people talk about your brand they become storytellers for it.  Do they become storytellers because of the customer service you provide?  Maybe.  But you need more.


You need the 5 Essential Laws of Hospitality for your organization.  Providing customer service is necessary as it brings people to your business. Hospitality, however, is essential, as it brings your customers back, increasing your loyalty, retention, and revenue.

You’ll learn why most people forget about ordinary service but always remember the hospitality shown to them.    When this happens, you create your organization's storytellers (or Brand Ambassadors).  They become marketers for you and are the ones who can’t wait to tell others about their experiences with your organization and your people.

This Keynote Seminar focuses on Hospitality- how we make that personal and emotional connection with others to make them feel more valued and appreciated through our interactions with them.  

The 5 Essential Laws of Hospitality are:

Law of Connect

Law of Engagement

Law of Trust

Law of Appreciation 

Law of Wow

Discover the "Missing Link":

25 Ways to Delight Customers with "Black Tie" Hospitality!

What do a book, a spinning wheel and 25 ways to delight customers with Hospitality have in common? They are all part of a NEW seminar that promises to be informative, interactive, and entertaining and it’s all based on Bob’s new (and first) book-

Discover the Missing Link-

25 Ways to Delight Customers with Black Tie Hospitality.

INTERACTIVE & ENTERTAINING- We start by utilizing an electronic “spinning wheel” that is numbered 1 through 25. Think Wheel of Fortune, but here we’re talking about the power of Hospitality!  Audience members are asked to spin the wheel, and the number it lands on is the chapter of Bob’s new book that he will discuss.  It’s completely random and you can customize the amount of spins on the wheel!

INFORMATIVE- As Bob discusses each chapter with your audience, he will challenge them to answer his Black Tie Takeaway at the end of that chapter.  Each takeaway encourages brainstorming, follow-up, action plans, and more!   

Attendees will leave with the Missing Link and how to elevate the customer experience through principles of Hospitality.  As a bonus, Bob can include a signed copy of his book for everyone in attendance.

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SMMC- Keynote-3 (2).jpg

How many leaders do you have in your organization?  I think everyone has the opportunity to lead, as you don’t need to have a business card or title to be a leader.  However, how many people have not been taught to be a leader, or have a degree in Leadership?  It’s not a subject that most people get taught. And in business, we typically train people to be managers, not leaders. If they are taught about Leadership it probably centers around authority and power. So, the people working for “leaders” are tired of being overworked, undervalued, and underappreciated. 

There is another way to lead. It focuses on Selfless Leadership.  There are eight “sparks” (or traits) that are needed to be that Selfless Leader.  When these sparks are in place, teams can become more engaged and empowered to strive for excellence.  While these sparks (or traits) may seem to some as common sense, they are not common practice for some leaders today.  Whether you are a seasoned leader or a new one, these sparks will help ignite the people you work with and lead.

How many Leaders do you have in
your organization?

Busting the Myths…

of the Workforce Today

We can’t find good people”.

“No one wants to work”.

“We can’t keep people employed here”.

You have heard these and more (and maybe even said a few as well) when it comes to attracting and retaining people to work in your organizations  Are they reality, or are they myths that can be “busted”?  We will find out in this seminar.

If you remember the show MythBusters, it was all about taking a premise and discovering through experimentation if that premise was a myth or a reality.   This seminar will do the same, as we will look at concepts that focus on not only the attraction and retention of employees but also the employee experience.  We all know that when your people are engaged, empowered, and appreciated, they become more loyal.  Which in turn helps the overall customer experience.  

Besides looking at the myths or realities that are a part of the attraction and retention process we will also examine some that focus on-

Workplace Culture


Soft Skills

And Leadership

When we finish, we will see how many myths we have busted, and give you action steps that can help you attract and retain more employees, which in turn will help you retain more customers.

GSAE-1 (2).jpg


Would YOU do business with YOU?

Becoming your customer- what do you see? 

When was the last time you were a customer in your business?  And have your employees ever been that same customer?  If not, how do they know what your customers see, hear, touch, and most importantly FEEL about your organization and the services you provide?  If there ever was a time to think and act like your customer, now would be that time, as they now look at every part of your business.

It’s time to create that first-class or Black Tie Experience for every prospect and customer you come into contact with.  That’s why the “Impact Points” in your organization may now be one of the most important elements in creating this top-notch experience. 

This seminar will transform your attendees into a customer in their organization and take them on an interactive journey on the life cycle of Impact Points. One where they get to play an active role in what they see as a customer or prospect in their organization.  We’ll take a deep dive into how these “impact points” affect the way people see your business and the people that work for it.    

They will discover the three stages of Impact Points that every customer goes through.  And sometimes the impact you make is in the little details that you will be doing for them.  However, you need to see it through their eyes first.  Then you will be able to answer the question- "Would YOU do business with YOU?".

The gift and lessons of a
Chapter 7 Experience

Yes, you read that correctly. Going through a Chapter 7 experience was a gift for me.  Maybe not at the time, but reflecting on it several years later, it was one of the best lessons that I learned in my business career. 

No one likes to fail, but when we do (not if), it’s how you respond to that failure that will determine if we move forward and learn from it, or move backward and change nothing.

Do I wish that it never would have happened?  Of course not as it’s not fun to go through.  I realized that without it, the dream I had could have still happened, but I would have been a poor leader navigating the progress and being miserable while building it. 

The Chapter 7 Experience was a gift as it opened my eyes to what it means to be a selfless leader and colleague.

The lessons I learned from this experience I still carry with me today and have used them frequently for the five other businesses that I founded since that experience as well as the one I have now. 

You don’t need to own a business however to get these gifts and learn these lessons.  Every day we face on own challenges, whether personally, or professionally and how we respond and react to them, can be the difference between moving forward or staying stuck. 

In this seminar, you will receive these gifts and lessons and how to apply them in both your personal and professional lives.  And you will be better prepared to face whatever is thrown at you along the way.    


Companies Pleased to Work With Bob

Bob Pacanovsky has worked with companies on Customer Service Excellence, Workplace/Team Culture, and Hospitality Leadership within the following industries, among others:


  • Business to Business

  • Healthcare (Patient Satisfaction and Patient Experience)

  • Hospitality Industry

  • Food Service

  • Banking & Financial Services

  • Attractions, Entertainment Centers

  • ​​​​Travel & Tourism

  • Manufacturing

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Not-for-Profit, Nonprofit

  • Retail

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