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All programs can be delivered for either an in-person, hybrid or virtual event

Keynotes & Workshops

All of our programs are customized to fit your needs.  The programs can be a Keynote to half-day & full-day trainings

Customer Experience =
Hospitality + Service Excellence

All of our programs are customized to fit your needs.  My programs can be a Keynote (45-60 minutes) to a half or full day strategic workshops.

Customer Experience =

Hospitality + Service Excellence

The 5 Essential Laws of Hospitality 

(to build Loyalty, Retention, and Revenue)

Interacting with a customer, member, or prospect has taken a dramatic turn in the last year and in the future.   How do we connect with people? Is Customer Service and Customer Experience a "thing" any longer? ABSOLUTELY! In fact, it's more important than ever before!

With this new economy, there are five essential laws of being in the “Hospitality Business” that organizations need to consider and strive to implement.  While these elements may be “common sense”, Bob shows you why these laws of Hospitality are more important than ever before to deliver a powerful Customer Experience!

This seminar takes Bob's signature seminar- Creating the Black Tie Customer Experience and adds these essential laws that can help build Loyalty, Retention, and Revenue!  

The 5 Essential Laws of Hospitality are:

Law of Connect

Law of Engagement

Law of Trust

Law of Appreciation 

Law of Wow




Professional Presence/Business Etiquette


Your Professional Presence –

Myths or Realities

Everything we do makes up our Professional Presence.  It's our Personal and Professional Brand.  Let's face it, we are being observed all the time now.

What are those "truths" when it comes to how we Look, Act, and Speak?  Are they real or just myths?

In this seminar, we're going to find out.  And you'll discover the finer points that almost no one has told you about your Professional Presence.

Everything we do makes up our Professional Presence. It’s our Personal and Professional Brand.  What are those “truths” when it comes to Professional Presence?  Are they real or are they just myths?  With the use of interactive software, you will help decide these and learn about the importance and power of first and lasting impressions. 

Creating Loyalty, Retention, and Engagement

Transforming your

“just satisfied customers”


“Loyal Brand Ambassadors”

This principle happens when the first three you have just reviewed are in place.  Now it is time to create your Brand Ambassadors so that they will be able to become members of your marketing team, as they start referring and rewarding you with new prospects.  

A word of caution…Brand Ambassadors can be challenging to work with because they can be more demanding.  This is exactly what you want, however.  In this seminar, you will learn the steps needed to move your customers to this stage and keep them there!

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The Four Principles to deliver the

Black Tie Customer Experience!

Do you exceed the expectations of your customers so that they become brand ambassadors for your organization? 


In this Keynote seminar, you will discover how to identify and implement the Principles of Hospitality and Service Excellence that turn ordinary Customer Service transactions into Black Tie Customer Experiences!  


You’ll learn why most people forget about good service, but that they always remember the hospitality that is shown to them.  And when that happens, they become your brand ambassadors who can’t wait to tell others how you have made them feel.

Bob will share the principles that he learned from being an entrepreneur for over twenty years on what it takes to implement both hospitality and service excellence into your organization.  This improves loyalty, productivity, engagement, and ultimately your bottom line. 

If you’re looking for a competitive advantage that will separate you from the rest in your industry, this seminar that is customized to meet your business needs is for you!


                 Workplace/Team Culture

Building a Foundation (Culture)

of Hospitality (Welcome)

Everybody talks about it, but what is corporate culture? I believe it is the foundation of your company or organization.  Think of the building your team works in every day.  The first part that was built was the foundation, and it had be to solid.  Otherwise, the building would weaken. 

Before we can be successful with any other part of our company, the foundation, or culture has to be set and solid.  If not, it starts to weaken and crack, and it is difficult to repair.

How is your foundation built?  And does it center around people feeling valued, appreciated, and welcomed?  In other words, showing Hospitality.

In this seminar, you will learn if you know you have a solid culture (foundation) by asking one question to start the process. 

Additionally, we will discuss what culture is, and what it is not. 

Then to deepen the conversation we will add in concepts that are vital to the foundation of your organization- Mission, Vision, Core Values, Purpose, and Mantra.

             Hospitality (Selfless) Leadership


Eight Traits of Hospitality Leadership

The Great Resignation is underway.  And staffing shortages are reaching every industry.  Why?  There are a number of reasons, but one of them I believe is this- most people don't know how to be leaders.  And if they were taught anything about Leadership it probably centers around authority and power. Therefore the people working for them are tired of being overworked and undervalued and underappreciated. 


There is another way to lead.  And it focuses on Selfless or Hospitality Leadership. 


The Gallup Study tells us that only 33% of employees are actively engaged today at work.  That means 67% aren't.  I believe this starts and stops with Leadership.  


In this seminar, we will look at the eight traits of Hospitality Leadership that help us focus on understanding that we are in the people business first, and foremost.  Traits like trust, collaboration, and appreciation, which may seem to many as common sense, are not a part of the common practice for some leaders today.  With these traits in place, everyone can become a stronger and more selfless leader.





Discovering & Developing Impact Points

Would YOU do business with YOU?

Becoming your customer- what do you see? 

Trust.  Peace of Mind.  Cleanliness.  These traits and others are front and center in the minds of your customers and prospects right now. If there was a time to think and act like one of your customers, that time is now.  Every sense is heightened for them about you, and all their senses will be on "high alert" as we continue to navigate through this new economy. 

That's why the "Impact Points" in your organization may now be one of the most important elements in creating a top-notch Customer Service Experience.   

What if you and your team could take part in an interactive seminar where we transform them into a Customer or Prospect in their organization and take them on a journey on the life cycle of a customer?   

This seminar gives you the three stages of Impact Points that every customer may go through.  And sometimes the impact you make is in the little details that you will be doing for them.  However, you need to see it through their eyes first.   

Companies Pleased to Work With Bob

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Bob Pacanovsky has worked with companies on Customer Service Excellence, Workplace/Team Culture, and Hospitality Leadership within the following industries, among others:


  • Business to Business

  • Healthcare (Patient Satisfaction and Patient Experience)

  • Hospitality Industry

  • Food Service

  • Banking & Financial Services

  • Attractions, Entertainment Centers

  • ​​​​Travel & Tourism

  • Manufacturing

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Not-for-Profit, Nonprofit

  • Retail

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