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For your customers- are you the “only game in town”?

What would your business look like from a revenue, productivity, and retention standpoint if you developed long-standing relationships with clients and employees? The answer should be obvious, correct? You would have a healthy P & L and a strong culture.

What if your business was considered by these same customers and employees as the “go-to” company in your industry or the “only game in town”? A town by the way that is overcrowded with other competitors in your industry. Why? It’s because they have been taken care of so well over the years that the competition doesn’t even matter. You would probably have so much business and goodwill that you would either be expanding at a record pace, or have a line out your door that would stretch forever.

What could you attribute this to? Your product or service? Maybe. However, I think it has to do more with people. People, making that personal and emotional connection with your customers and employees. People using the Power of Hospitality.

People, like Mark.

But not my guy, Mark. You see, I met Mark 30 years ago when working my first “real job” out of college. I was working for an advertising company, and I cold-called him one afternoon at the automotive dealership where he was the general manager. Mark and I hit it off, immediately. Actually, thinking about it, it was probably more Mark than me. You see, Mark had a personality (and still does) that immediately made this personal connection with me. We didn't talk about cars right away, or his advertising needs. With it being my first job, I was pretty green when it came to sales and marketing, but Mark wanted to get to know who I was first. What we established was a relationship…no, a picture of friendship that has still lasted to this day.

Don’t get me wrong, Mark was very good at his job. But he never pressured me into buying a car. And Mark stayed in the car industry for the next 30 years. In fact, my wife and I bought all of our cars from him and referred him to others many times. Why? Mark made it more about me in creating that customer experience than he did about himself. He knew that if he would just take care of the clients that they would eventually take care of him. In a day and age now where car sales are pretty cutthroat, Mark not only survived but he thrived on his repeat customers, his brand ambassadors, so to speak. These are the people that when asked, “Hey where's a good place to buy a car?” Well I immediately knew the answer, it was Mark… no matter where he was and what dealership he was working for…it was still Mark.

Is your business the “only game in town” to your customers and employees? Do you want to know how to move more customers (and employees) from “just fine” to Brand Ambassadors? I can help.

Bob Pacanovsky is a Keynote Speaker and Strategic Trainer

who works with organizations to attract and retain more clients and employees for your organizations to deliver The Black Tie Experience!

To learn more, and to book Bob contact him:

Call (330) 352-6084 or email

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