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How many times do I have to answer that?

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

How long would it take you to become frustrated answering the same questions from different people in the same organization that you are trying to do business with?

And, how would you solve it if you were that organization?

The simple answers to both of them are –

- No more than 2 or 3 times

- Put the answers to those questions in the notes/file/spreadsheet- whatever is the way you communicate with your team.

Pretty simple, right?

Then why is the lack of communication still one of the biggest challenges when it comes to delivering a first-class (or Black Tie) Customer Experience?

This happened to me last week and it was a very frustrating experience. While the staff people were very nice in asking the questions, I could feel the frustration level getting higher and higher for me, as I couldn’t believe that I, and a family member who was with me at the time, were getting the same questions asked to us, over and over.

“Doesn’t anyone write down the answers? It would save them a lot of time in the long run,” asked my family member. “You would think,” I said to her.

I talk a lot about how we make people feel through the experience they are having with any organization as a big factor in determining if they will come back as a customer. Unfortunately, those feelings can go the other way too by not empowering your staff to be proactive in their communication skills. Just some simple notes for everyone to see could have turned a frustrating experience around…just like that.

Bob Pacanovsky is a Keynote Speaker and Strategic Trainer who works with organizations that want to deliver the highest levels of Hospitality & Service Excellence to attract and retain more loyal clients and employees.

To learn more, and to book Bob contact him:

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