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2016 Event ideas to grow your gala!

Here are a few of our event ideas (or “Vātions,” as I like to call them) for you to think about as you are starting to plan your next fundraising event for your non-profit.

ELEVATION – What are the little things you can do to make your event memorable?

FOOD – street food inspired appetizers (think food trucks) and non-wheat noodles or pasta (think gluten-free), just to name a few

BEVERAGE – Fruit shooters infused with alcohol; edible shot glasses – refreshing at an event (especially after the winter most of us just had), like a cucumber gimlet sho

DÉCOR – The hot spring and summer colors (according to Pantone Color) are Classic Blue, Glacier Gray, and Toasted Almond

CULTIVATION – Cultivate the younger audience (late 20’s plus 30’s and 40’s) and get them to your event. But know that the ticket price needs to be affordable for them. They want to support your event, but they also may not be able to afford to the steep ticket prices and they want to experience something different and unique. And they want to be able to socialize with peers plus also network with the older crowd. And they want to be engaged at an event! So…

INNOVATION – Get them engaged! Make social media a top priority to get them there, but then use that night to give them the opportunity to promote you! Use apps like iBeacon or create your own app for the event. Done the right way, your event will get the attention, likes and shares from your audience.

OVATION – This is what we want, right? How do you measure it? Your return on investment is a crucial tool that you need to be able to track and understand. You can have a great event, but if you lose money in the long run, was it worth it?

We have services available to help you plan and produce your next event. Contact us for more information.

Bob Pacanovsky is the President of the The Vātion Group and works with companies, organizations and individuals who want to elevate their brand and revenue through Event Management and Production services. To learn more, visit or call (330) 352-6084.

Bob Pacanovsky

The Vātion Group; (330) 352-6084

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