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The 3 questions that brand you (and your company) for the rest of the event

They are actually very simple questions and the answers are even simpler. We say them all the time at every meeting, dinner or event we attend. Yet what most people forget is that once they answer these questions, they have branded themselves and the company they work for the rest of the evening. How we act, talk, eat, drink, etc. will now be a direct reflection of our brand. And like the hair care commercial, if our brand is not right, people will tell two friends, and they will tell two friends, and so on and so on.

The questions are-

  1. What is your name? (this question may already be answered because you are wearing a name tag)

  2. What do you do? (some people answer- I’m a banker, lawyer, salesperson, etc.)

  3. And if that is the answer, the 3rd question then becomes- Who do you work for?

Once you answer that 3rd question (or the combination of #’s 2 & 3) you have branded yourself and the company you work for, for the rest of the event, dinner, meeting, etc. The challenge becomes that we sometimes forget those answers and will do things at these events that make people go “hmmm”. I have seen people walk straight up to the bar and get 2 drinks within 10 minutes because “it was a rough day at the office”. Or have people walk up to the buffet line and pick food right out of the chafing dish with their fingers, all in clear view of everyone else (and with their name tag clearly showing).

The power of great behavior/etiquette is directly proportional to your brand. No one walks into the office the next day after a networking event or dinner and proudly announces to the boss- “I met the most well mannered and polite person last night!” No, what do we say? – “You will never believe how “so & so” acted last night at the dinner”. And what is the first question your boss asks you– “Who does he/she work for?”

Make Professional etiquette- “Common Practice”, and the brand that you and your organization has will always be held in a positive light. Don’t give your competition the opportunity to talk about you and your company the next day at the office!

Bob Pacanovsky

Bob Pacanovsky is a Keynote,Conference, and Corporate Speaker and Trainer who works with companies and organizations to develop the Black Tie Experience—creating an impression that LASTS through leadership, service, actions, and behaviors.

To learn more, contact Bob Pacanovsky: Call (330) 352-6084 or email

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