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The “New Rude” (and Pokemon too!)

Pitney Bowes released a white paper a few years ago in which they surveyed 1,000 consumers in five countries – UK, US, France, Germany and India – to discover what business related behaviors they considered to be rude. They titled it “The New Rude” as it deals with how we behave inside and outside of business with all the technology available to us.

Would you care to guess what the number one answer was? I will tell you that at first it surprised me, and it may surprise you as well. But, once you see it, I think it will make sense.

55% of consumers said the #1 rude behavior was- “Not making eye contact when shaking hands.”

I wonder why? Do you see anyone in the picture above that is not looking at their phones? And this picture was taken just a few days ago. Now, the people in this picture (along with others) were looking for the Pokemon Go characters, and I understand the attraction to it (I guess). But I also saw people in this same area walking and looking down at their phones, people pushing strollers (and looking down at their phones), people on benches looking down at their phones, all for long periods of time.

So, when you meet people during a job interview or at a restaurant for a business lunch, or after work for drinks, don’t be the person who doesn’t make eye contact when shaking hands!

By the way, the other top “winners” so to speak in this survey were:

#2- 51%- Not muting your phone during a conference call.

(Yes, we can all hear you typing as well as eating at your desk!)

#3- 48%- Checking emails (or just being on your smart phone) during a meeting.

(How many times have you personally witnessed this behavior?)

#4- 46%- Checking texts or emails during a business lunch or dinner

(A meal only takes about an hour. It is possible to pay closer attention to the real person in front of you, versus the 4” on your screen!)

You probably think all of these would be “Common Sense” and not be doing them, correct? Yes, they are “Common Sense,” but not necessarily “Common Practice.” That’s where we can come in. We can be that company to not only meet with your team, but give them the tips, techniques and real life scenarios where making a poor impression and having poor behavior has cost companies and people business, as well as reputations.

Bob Pacanovsky is a Speaker and Trainer who works with companies and organizations on creating loyal customers, growing revenue and empowering their teams through the Black Tie Experience. To learn more, contact Bob – call (330) 352-6084 or email –

Bob Pacanovsky

Bob Pacanovsky is a Keynote,Conference, and Corporate Speaker and Trainer who works with companies and organizations to develop the Black Tie Experience—creating an impression that LASTS through leadership, service, actions, and behaviors.

To learn more, contact Bob Pacanovsky: Call (330) 352-6084 or email

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