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Perception is 9/10ths of the law

I had an incredible staff for my hospitality business and in the trainings that we had them go through I used to tell them that "Perception is 9/10ths of the law." How people perceive us COULD become their truth. Think of these perceptions as the First Impressions that someone has about your brand, your business, and your people? What are these perceptions saying about your brand subconsciously to your customers and prospects? All of you are consumers as well and when you walk into a lobby or waiting area of a business and it is dirty and unkempt, or when you get treated by a rude or uncaring employee, what are your immediate perceptions of that business? Probably not that good.

I call these IMPACT Points and these perceptions can make a BIG IMPACT on your business. Here is the challenge for most of us though. We don't see, hear, taste, or touch what our customers and prospects do.

My tip- make yourself the customer one day for your business and start shopping. What are your perceptions of your business? Then bring your team together and start working on those Impact Points that need the immediate help. Once you start thinking like your customers or prospects, you get a much different perspective on your business.

Here is something that may be of help to you. I have created my "Black Tie Impact Point" wheel. Your business is in the center and your job is to brainstorm with your team and become the customer one day. Look at all the various Impact Points that you could encounter when trying to do business with you. This could mean- your website, marketing materials, your lobby, conference room...and yes, even your restrooms.Hopefully, a number of the Impact Points you see are wonderful. These go on the "standard" black tie. But maybe there are one or two that are not that great right now. These go on the other black tie and they need to be fixed as soon as possible.

What an exercise like this does is to make everyone aware of what the customer is really seeing about your business. And now everyone knows to start thinking like your customer. That in itself makes a big IMPACT in your business.

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