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Little details make BIG things happen- How about in your company?

Please read this text below and count every “f” in it:





I understand that we don’t read words this way on a regular basis, but the point of the above text is that you need to pay very close attention to everything in business. If you are like most people, you counted three, maybe four of the “f’s”. But there are actually six. The other three are in the word “of” that is there three times.

How does this apply in business today? Well, the business world is not “cut and dry”. You need to pay very close attention to your clients and how you treat them and work with them. And you need to make sure that the “little details” are always being handled and taken care of. That's why I love this quote from the Hall of Fame Coach, John Wooden:

Our customer service as well as the growth and success of our company depends on those little details. We may have missed those letters in the above text because we see that word all the time, so we overlook it. That is the same thing we often do with the little details with a client, prospect, or the physical location of our business. Do we do make our promises to our clients, on time, or do we overlook them and get the information to them “when it is convenient” for us? Do we return phone calls and emails within a 24 hour period or “when I get around to it? And what does the physical location of your office, meeting room, lobby or parking lot look like? Would you want to walk into your company today? I hope so.

We sometimes get tired, lazy, or we just don’t care enough to count all the “of’s” in our business. Our service becomes just “good enough.” And your brand- both yours and the company’s could suffer. That client may be satisfied with their experience with you (this time), but they will probably never be loyal to you. Trust me, there is a BIG difference.

Make sure that you count and see all the little details- all the time. If you need to, bring in a fresh set of eyes to look over everything that you may not see any more. These little details are vital. They make the big things happen.

Bob Pacanovsky

Bob Pacanovsky is a Keynote and Virtual Speaker and Strategic Trainer

who works with organizations to attract and retain more clients and employees for their organizations to deliver The Black Tie Experience!

To learn more, and to book Bob contact him:

Call (330) 352-6084 or email

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