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Our Current Climate- the Need for Hospitality

We are all in this together. Not in our lifetimes have we been front row participants to what is happening in our country. And it keeps changing every day.

While I work with companies to take their customer experience to the highest levels, today isn’t the day to talk about that. I am sure your business is being affected somehow by COVID-19. Stress levels are rising; employers may be conducting layoffs, sales are down. I get it, as I am feeling the same thoughts as you.

And while we all need to practice “social distancing” right now, that doesn’t mean we need to stop exercising the Power of Hospitality. I think now, more than ever before, we need to make that personal connection with others (my definition of Hospitality)- namely your employees and co-workers, your clients, your vendors, and your community.

Ideas that you can use to continue to practice Hospitality.

  1. Now’s the time to make that phone call or send that handwritten note. Just to let people know you are here and thinking about them. Provide some guidance about what you can do to help them. And don’t be afraid to ask for help on your end. We’re all in this together. Practice Hospitality traits that some of us in this great country of ours have gotten away from - traits like empathy, caring, consideration of others, and kindness. Common sense- sure. Standard practice- I sure hope so now. If you must lay off employees until this situation blows over, they need to know that you are still there for them.

  2. If possible, still celebrate the occasions in people’s lives. It may be easy to forget the birthdays and anniversaries of employees and clients during this time. Or safety and wellness team milestones. But don’t forget. It’s these little details that your staff and clients will remember.

  3. Stay true to your Core Values (both individual and organizational). These are what got you to this point and more likely why you have Brand Ambassadors (your employees and clients). Now, more than ever, don’t cut corners. Stay true to your Core Values- others will notice.

  4. Keep Communicating. Especially to your staff. Keep those lines of communication open to them. They are anxious and nervous during this time. Be transparent and authentic with them. If not, they are going to start assuming things that may not be true.

Make that personal connection to someone. Remember, first and foremost, all of us are in the People Business. Let’s take care of each other.

Bob Pacanovsky is a Keynote Speaker and Strategic Trainer

who works with organizations to attract and retain more clients and employees for your organizations to deliver The Black Tie Experience!

To learn more, and to book Bob contact him:

Call (330) 352-6084 or email

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